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A Mortgage Net Branch offers numerous benefits, such as being able to originate home loans in multiple states as well as being able to offer an abundant amount of mortgage programs without a large amount of expense of hassle.  Normally being licensed to originate a govt loan such as FHA or VA mortgage requires a large amount of start up costs and approval is difficult to obtain!  However this isn't always so with Mortgage Net Branches.

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By operating your company as a Mortgage Net Branch, you have tremendous benefits, such as being able to originate loans in multiple states and being able to offer loan programs using their licensing.  Also with a Mortgage Net Branch you normally only have a fraction of the same start up costs.  Sometimes starting your own lending company involves huge amounts of costs and you would normally have a limited product portfolio.  These costs and a limited range of products and programs can prevent your company from being competitive and/or not being able to finance many clients successfully.  These issues can easily destroy a business owner, as waiting to be licensed for FHA and VA govt loan programs, having access to premium rates and programs from multiple lenders, as well as being able to originate loans in many states can seem like a lifetime of headaches for the typical mortgage broker to obtain, without a Mortgage Net Branch.  These processes are streamlined with a Net Branch.


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