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Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities


Many Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities exist today.  You'll want to use the ideal one for your goals and tasks.  Many Net Branch programs require a fixed monthly fee, where as others offer just charge a fee per loan you originate (similar to an extra origination or processing fee added, but charged as a mortgage net branch lending fee).  Generally whomever you used, will clarify how much the fee would be (many are extremely fair/reasonable) and where this fee can be added on the Good Faith Estimate and/or Settlement Statement.  Many times there simply added as a Processing Fee, others as a lender Origination Fee, others require specific verbage, which may differ based upon the state you are operating in.


Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities are huge, when you consider the lower start up costs and what you can do under their licensing.  Many times you can use your own business name and still operate under their licensing, via a dba (Doing Business As) type of arrangement.


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